Populasi Nyamuk Dewasa di Daerah Endemis Filariasis Studi di Desa Empat Kecamatan Simpang Empat Kabupaten Banjar Tahun 2004

A. Hasan Huda • Ririh Yudahstuti • Santi Martini • Zainul Syachrial
Journal article Jurnal Kesehatan Lingkungan Unair • 2005 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 13 pages)


Filariasis is one of communicable disease which is caused by infestation of Filaria worm. The disease is transmitted by many various mosquitoes. South Kalimantan is included endemic area of Filariasis. It had been reported that there were 125 endemic villages that are in 49 subdistrict spreadingly. The objectives of the research were to get description of adult mosquito population which lived in filariasis endemic areas, through indentifying chased adult mosquitoes by using man-feed and to investigate bitting and resting habits. The reseach was an observational study which used cross sectional design. The samples were adult mosquitoes which were chased at five houses whose filariasis patient. The width area of Empat village is 1500 ha. Most of them is slump and the remains are wet rice field and plantation. In Empat village, microfilaria rate is 1,2 in 2003. Chased adult mosquitoes consist of 4 genus and 15 spesies. They are 7 species of Culex genus, 2 spesies of Mansonia genus, 1 spesies if Aedes genus, and 5 spesies of Anopheles genus. The most of species in Empat villages is Mansonia uniformis (35,54%). The peak time of bitting among adult mosquitoes happened at 19.00-20.00 and 04.00-05.00. The habits was used to indoor (innerhouse), outdoor (outer house), and livestock stable. Resting habit among adult mosquitoes were happened indoor area (inner house), and they were rested at 76-150 cm height. They were 95 mosquitoes. The research was incomplete due to assessment of major vector and potential vector have not been investigated yet in Empat village. Keywords: Adult mosquitoes, Filariasis.




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