Tantangan Pencapaian Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) Bidang Kesehatan di Indonesia

Utomo, Budi
Journal article Kesmas: National Public Health Journal • April 2007 Indonesia


Government's report on achievement of MDGs in Indonesia until 2002 reflects commitment towards people's welfare. Health area as explained in indicators of goals 4, 5, and 6 were reported as improved. This review examines achievement status, elucidates background explanation about those achievement status, and assesses prospect of MDG achievement, particularly in health area. The review shows that most of MDG's health indicators improved but in a slow manner. Funding is still posed as the main constraint of health care of those who needed it. Eradication program of infectious and contagious diseases, including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and TB faces many hurdles. Malaria and TB prevalences are still high , while HIV/AIDS epidemic in several areas has shown infiltration and spread among low socio-economic population groups. This situation reflects a not very good prognostic of MDG achievement in Indonesia. The main challenge of MDG achievement in health area in Indonesia is related to question on how the government could translate commitment and effective intervention policy into routine health care program that directly touch the people, especially those who need most: the poor.




Kesmas: National Public Health Journal

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