Eksistensi Pedagang Perantara di Tpi Kali Jengki Kelurahan Calaca Kota Manado

Meyne Gretty Manangkot • Jardie A. Andaki • Jeannette F. Pangemanan
Journal article Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan • April 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 82 pages)


The activity of the broker usually encompass like searching for information about fisherman existence. They have usually like a marketing chain system which start from thecommunicator and furnisher, after that, the communicator/furnisher contact and in fleeting oftime, the trader has coming and bring a vehicle like a truck, scales and money cash and afterbeing pondered, the fisherman has received the money or waiting for the salling result suitable within the first deal directly. This activity of the broker is a existence form related function ofbroker as intermediation on buying and selling fisheries result. The broker is intermediation agen buying and selling fisheries result. This important role iscause by facilities and infrasructur domination of buying and selling fisheries result related. Thisresearch intend to specify of procedur domination facilities and infrasructur related existencefisheries result broker and to specify broker existence determinants factor fisheries result in TPI Kali Jengki Kelurahan Calaca Kota Manado. Data aggregation technic do with survey procedure, which direcly observation and direcly observation in some community, in this point is a broker. To aggregation data with direcly interview procedure and questionnaiires for the primer data. Primer data is a data who find which visit and interview all the respondents directly, withpolite and good manners attitude and easy language. While it, a secondary data is a data who findwhich by copying statistical data through in relevant agencies offices. This research result has showing business experience are important existence factor as fisheries result broker, ownership of capital goods and trust in borrow capital goods become success key of broker and domination market link via authorization system information that givea broker ability as a risk taker fisheries result which too easy having damage if not as soon asbring to a consumer for prepared and preserved.




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