Analisis Beban Kerja Produksi Perusahaan Pembekuan Ikan (Studi Kasus CV. Muara Mina Kelurahan Girian Bawah Kecamatan Girian Kota Bitung)

Wahyuni Suleman • Jardie A. Andaki • Lexy K. Rarung
Journal article Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan • October 2015

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 37 pages)


Bitung consists of 8 sub-districts and 69 villages., One village Girian Under some people have a job that is entrepreneurship. One of the company's business activity is the processing of raw fish. This effort made to develop the processing of fish to meet the needs of the family, and create additional jobs for the local community. This study aims to Know the conditions of employment, educational level and status of employees, number of working tenga on frozen fish production processes, the division of labor, and how wages and analyzing workload. Data collection techniques used in this research is to conduct interviews in person and observe directly the process of production. Results showed that the production process is carried out based on the supply of raw materials, so that workloads fluctuate based on the supply of raw materials. The highest work load, ie the layout of the activity FTE = 184.94 (33.27%), sorting FTE = 215.76 (28.52%), packaging and labeling FTE = 123.29 (19.01%), freezing FTE = 62.90 (9.70%) and the lowest in the weighing activity FTE = 61.65 (9.51%).




Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan

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