Manajemen Tenaga Kerja Tempat Pelelangan Ikan (Tpi) Aertembaga Kota Bitung

Amelia Lengkong • Christian R. Dien • Djuwita R. R. Aling
Journal article None • April 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 4 pages)


The purpose of this research is to study labour management at the fish auction place Aertembaga Bitung city. The research was conducted at the office of the Regional Technical Implementation Unit / Fish Auction Aertembaga, Bitung City. The data obtained was analyzed using descriptive analysis method, which analyzes the data through a depiction of what the results of their research. Organizational structure in UPTD/TPI indicates that the process of division of labour can be divided broadly upright (vertical) and the horizontal line (horizontal). In this case is the Head of the Department of Marine and Fisheries and the head UPTD / TPI. While the horizontal division of labour based on the specificity of horizontal work based on the specificity of the work that is sub section administration, data collection sexy Fish (sub-section of facilities/infrastructure, marine and sub ​​sections of facilities/infrastructure land). At this time in the labour UPTD/TPI totalling 5 people. The main duties and functions of the head UPTD/TPI are as follows: coordination functions for all existing activities. Each section or sub-section, it will directly accountabel for the results of their work through written reports each month or as requested by the Head of the Department of Marine and Fisheries.





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