Manajemen USAha Perikanan Jaring Insang Dasar di Kelurahan Manado Tua 1 Kota Manado

Stela Lanes • Otniel Pontoh • Vonne Lumente
Journal article Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan • April 2013

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages)


The study examines the bussiness management of bottom gillnet fishery in Manado Tua 1 village Manado city. This study aims to identify and assess fisheries management that includes venture capital, the catch, the marketing system, sharing system, labor system, performance of the functions of business management and financial analysis of the bottom gillnet fishery. The result of the study, the required capital of Rp. 4, 100,000. the catch is classified as demersal fish. Marketing system of fishermen, wholesaler, fish traider and consumers. But if it catches a bit of a marketing system directly to consumers. Sharing system 50% for owners and 50% for fishermen workers. The labour are needed 3-4 people.




Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan

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