Deliberation Of The State Budget Bill (RUU APBN) And Border Issues At The DPR: A Current Study On Access To Information And Public Participation

Policy brief The Indonesian Institute • June 2012

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The deliberation of the RUU APBN at the DPR normatively is considered as public information. However, public access in that matter is still limited.This is also reflected in the deliberation of the RUU APBN regarding border issues, which has been handled instantly, partially, and unsustainably. There are two main reasons why the budget for border territories did not address the real needs of border communities. First, due to the geographical condition of the border areas and second, the lack of access of the border communities to information on the policy process. Moreover, the public participation is still limited, especially the participation of women and other marginalized groups in the budgeting process at the DPR. Based on the research results, The Indonesian Institute (TII) proposed several policy recommendations, taking into account the time-frame, the feasibility, from the most practical to the most ideal, and those considered controversial. These policy recommendations are deemed to be applicable for the DPR, considering that the RUU APBN deliberation process is equally valid for all issues, including the border issues.




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