Post-Conflict Democracy, Violence, and Peace-Building in Aceh and Maluku

Mohammad Hasan Ansori • R. Praditya Andika Putra • Johari Efendi • Sopar Peranto • Rudi Sukandar 3 more
Report The Habibie Center • April 2015 Indonesia

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(English, 228 pages)


Studies on democracy development and peace-building in post-conflict areas in Indonesia have been conducted with consideration that beside halting conflicts and reaching peace deals, maintaining peace by preserving political dynamics and development is very important and challenging. Beside that, many recent studies were conducted with more focus on the dynamics of conflicts and vio- lence during the conflict and post-conflict periods. There are few studies that focus on how post-conflict democratization is sustained to preserve develop- mental process and maintain peace. The study is expected to fill in such gap. The study is conducted as part of the National Violence Monitoring Sys- tem (NVMS/SNPK) program, in cooperation with The Habibie Center and the Deputy I Office for Environmental and Social Vulnerability Coordina- tion, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture, and with support from The World Bank. The program is funded by Korean grant of Trust Fund for Economic and Peacebuilding Transitions. The publication of the book is also supported by DFAT-TAF Partnership. NVMS Research team of The Habibie Center obtained huge support from var- ious parties during the development and execution of the study. For this, the team would like to extend its gratitude particularly to Aryos Nivada (Aceh Institut), Muhajir Juli, and Joko Sutranto (Provinsi Aceh); Franklin Nikijuluw, Jamal Riry, Hilda Rolobessy, Dominggus Jacob Loury Sipasulta (Maluku Province's ITDM). The team would feel thankful for critical and constructive inputs from Badrus Sholeh (Islamic State University (UIN) of Syarif Hidayatullah, Jakarta), Cahyo Pamungkas (LIPI), Philips Vermonte (CSIS), Dr. Marwan Syaukani, Nelwan Harap, and Mafud Salatunlayl (Kemenko PMK), as well as Adrian Morel and Wa- hyu Handoyo (World Bank). The NVMS research team would also like to thank all the informants/respondents for providing information during the research; the executive body and staff of The Habibie Center that have supported the research completely, especially Ms. Ima, Mr. Ghazali, Mr. Kun, Vivi, and Tasha. All of the views in this publication are those from the Habibie Center's NVMS research team and do not reflect the view of other program partner institutions. Finally, we hope this research would be useful and contribute to the dis- course of democracy development and peace-building.




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