Pembuatan Surat Keterangan Tanah Adat (SKT-A) Dan Hak-hak Adat Di Atas Tanah


Traditional lands cannot be separated from the Dayak community, they provide more than sustenance, but are a part of the identity of the Dayaks, their culture and customs. Because of this, the provincial government of Central Kalimantan issued Governor Regulation of Central Kalimantan No 13/2009 on Customary Land and Customary Land Rights. This was amended by Governor Regulation No 4/2012 in anticipation of a Law recognizing traditional land rights. This book shows how to obtain a Letter of Certification of Customary Land (Surat Keterangan Tanah Adat/SKT-A), which recognizes traditional ownership. It also explains the roles of those responsible for processing SKT-As. This book is expected to make it easier for all stakeholders to understand the Governor Regulations covering traditional land rights, so that future disputes and conflicts can be avoided.




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