KBKI Correspondence with the KKI 1998/1999, KBLI 2009, and HS 2012-Book 3 (Indonesia)

Report Statistics Indonesia • December 2015


This book contains the commodity code in Standard Classification of Indonesian Commodities (KBBI) which is in correspondence with the code of Indonesian Commodities Classification (KKI) 1998/1999, Standard Classification of Indonesian Business Field (KBLI) 2009 Prints III, and Harmonized System (HS) 2012. Because of the commodity is too much, so the presentation is divided into five books. Besides that, This book is also a revision of the corresponding commodity code in the previous KBKI book. With this harmonization of commodity codes among various classifications, both nationally and internationally, its use will be more comprehensive for various purposes. Through this book, expected to be used for the analysis of the data series longer and fuller.




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