The Farmer's Exchange Rates Weigh Diagram (2014=100) Buleleng Regency (Indonesia)

Report Statistics Indonesia • November 2015


This publication is a result of Survey Preparation of Weigh Diagram of Farmers Exchange Rate (SPDT NTP) in 16 regencies in 16 provinces in 2014. SPDT NTP in 16 regencies includes five sub-sectors of agriculture, namely: food crops, horticultural crops, smallholder tree crops, livestock, and fisheries (capture and aquaculture). Weigh diagram of NTP include the weight of each commodity in each subsector to be used in the preparation of Prices Received Index Farmer (It). In addition, the weight of each commodity is presented also household consumption as well as production costs and the addition of capital goods to be used in the preparation of Prices Paid Index Farmer (Ib). Package commodities and weigh diagram is used as a basis for the calculation of NTP in each regency.




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