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Wholesale Price Indices by Group of Commodities in the Stage of Production Process and Sectors, 2000-2015 (Indonesia)

Published 7 March 2017

This dataset is part of the BPS Wholesale Price Indices Series.


  1. Wholesale Price Indices(WPI) are indices which describable the change of price at the wholesale price level of the commodities sold in a country or region. Those commodities are the domestic products and traded in domestic or exported, an imported commodities as well.

  2. The Wholesale price of a commodity is a price as the transaction between first dealer/wholesaler with the next dealer/wholesaler in large party at the first market.

    • The first wholesaler is the wholesaler after producer.

    • The first market is a place where the first wholesaler meet the next trader (not consumer), in another word the market after the producer.

    • The large part is not the retail.

  3. Producer's materials consist of raw materials or assisting materials which are not been processed yet or have been processed and they are used restless in the production or they are used less than a year.

  4. Consumers good consist of all long lasting commodities or short lasting commodities which are use for household consumption. Capital goods consist of all long lasting commodities which are used for runaway the production activities.

  5. Capital goods are usually used repeteadly and long lasting (or more than one year) and the unit price is relatively expensive.

  6. The raw materials consist of raw materials and materials which are not processed yet. They are the products of primary sectors (agriculture, mining adn quarrying). All the materials are used in the productions process.

  7. The intermediate products are raw materials and assisting materials which have been processed and are used in the production process.

  8. The finished goods consists of processed goods which are not used as raw materials or assisting materials in the production process. 


Wholesale Price data collected from 33 provincial capital cities and 111 other potential cities/towns, assumed to have major companies and traded varied goods.

Respondents are selected from companies considered representative enough on trading commodities, so that all commodities covered could represent the Wholesale Price for each province.

The data is collected directly from respondents every month, by direct interview. The Wholesale Price Index (WPI) is disaggregated into five commodity groups: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Mining and Quarrying, Imports and Exports, where each sector consists of subcommodity groups. The number of commodities in each group is presented in brackets. The total number of commodities is 257.


  • visibility 557 views
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