Number of Motor Vehicles by Types, Indonesia 1949-2015
January 18, 2017
Statistics Indonesia


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Number of Motor Vehicles by Types, Indonesia 1949\u002D2015 Image

This dataset is part of the BPS Transportation Series.


Land Transportation Definitions of the major terms used in land transport statistic are as follows :

  1. Motor Vehicles

    are any kind of vehicles motorized by machine in those vehicles. Usually used for carrying peoples and goods on roads except those vehicles moved along railway line. The data cover all kinds of motor vehicles except those belong to Indonesia Army Force, Indonesian State Police and corps diplomatic.

  2. Passengers Cars

    are motor vehicles which have seats for more than eight passengers, not included the driver. It can be with or without the boot.

  3. Buses

    are passengers cars which have seats for more than eight passengers, not included the driver. It can be with or without the boot.

  4. Trucks

    are motor vehicles to carry goods other than passenger cars, buses, and motorcycles.

  5. Motorcycles

    are any kind of two wheeled motor vehicles.

  6. Driver License (SIM)

    is a letter issued by Indonesian State of Police as a permit for someone to drive motor vehicles. The data covers all types of SIM, which are issued in current years, include new licenses, extended licenses, and replacement licenses due lost or damage. There are four types of driver license namely SIM A, SIM BI, SIM BII, and SIM C.

  7. SIM A

    is driver license for driving a passenger car include bus and truck which less than 3500 kilogram weight.

  8. SIM BI

    is driver license for driving a bus and truck which more than 3500 kilogram weight.

  9. SIM BII

    is driver license for driving a tractor or a motor vehicle that draw the trailer.

  10. SIM C

    driver license for driving a motor vehicle desinged to achieve more than 40 kilomters per hour.

  11. Roads

    are any kinds of roads for traffic. The data presented in this publication is all roads in Indonesia. Under authority of central, provincial, or regional government.

  12. Train

    is a coach or a number of coaches joined together and move along a railway line, consist of passenger train and baggage train.

  13. Kilometer Passenger

    are total kilometer of all passenger departed. This measurement is the sum of distance of all passengers will go from the place of origin to destination.

  14. Mean Distance of Journey For Each Passenger

    is kilometer passengers divided by number of passengers departed

  15. Kilometer-Ton

    is total kilometer of all cargoes carried. This is the sum of distance from area of origin to area of destination for each ton of cargoes.

  16. Mean Distance of Cargoes Loaded

    is mean distance of each ton of cargoes loaded or total kilometer-ton divided by total ton of cargoes loaded.

Sea Transportation

  1. Unloading/Cargo Import

    is unloading the cargo out of the ships, which are come from other Indonesian ports or from other countries.

  2. Loading/Cargo Export

    is the loading the cargo into the ships, to be transported to other Indonesian ports or to other countries

  3. Port

    is a place that consist of land and water surrounded by certain border as place of government activities that used for the docking or berthing, passenger embark or debark loading or unloading cargo, which is equipped by siling safety facilities and other port supporting activities, also as a place of exchange intern and extern transportation mode.

  4. Public Port

    is a port that running for the necessary to serve the public needs

  5. Seaport

    is a public port that activities mainly to serve the sea transportation activities

  6. The commercial Ports

    are the ports managed commercially by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia

  7. The Non Commercial Ports

    are the ports managed by Technical Operation Unit, Directorate of Sea Transportation

  8. Port Administrator Office (ADPEL)/Port Office (KANPEL)

    is a technical operation unit in the area of Directorate General of Sea Transportation, which positioning under and responsible to the Director of Sea Transportation

  9. Inter-island Shipping

    is shipping serve from one port to another in other different islands within Indonesia archipelago

  10. International Shipping

    is shipping from/to ports in Indonesia to/from ports in other countries.

  11. Type of Shipping from/to Non Commercial Ports

    is indicated by the flag on the ship. Indonesian flag to indicate domestic shipping and foreign flag to indicate international shipping.

  12. Srategic Port

    is a port equipped with modern port facilities to serve, such as, facilities for container shipping, loading/unloading cargo, providing supplies, maintenance and repair facilities and other services to ships.

  13. Call Ship

    is a ship arrive at a port either for docking or berthing.

  14. Gross Ton (GT)

    is total volume of all room in a ship, not included the volume of tunnel, the axle of propellers and the chain locker.

  15. Out Going Passenger

    are number of passenger embark to their port destination

  16. Out Going Passengers

    are number of passenger embark to their port destination.

  17. In Coming Passengers

    are number of passenger coming from their other ports.

Air Statistics

  1. Scheduled Flight

    A flight conducted regularly with fixed of route and scheduled.

  2. Aircraft-Km

    Total flight distance (Km) during particular period (one year)

  3. Performed Seat-Km

    multiplication number seat occupied with distance (Km) from each flight during particular period (one year)

  4. Performed Total-Km

    A total multiplication weight of good (ton) with distance (Km) from each flight during particular period (one year).



Vehicle statistics are collected on the basis registration method from each Regional Police Offices.
Railway statistics are collected on the basis administrative records from each railway station administration.
River, Lake and Ferry statistics are collected on the basis administrative records from each river-like-and ferry port.
Length of road statistics based on survey conducted CBS and Regional Public Work Offices as a respondent.
Air transport statistics. Collection of data that provide description of national air transport activities conducted by several approaches. For data of flight traffic that consist of origin destination, aircraft traffic, passengers, baggage, goods and mails/package mail is collected from airport that conducting flight supporting activities at the airport for domestic as well as international flights, and managed by either PT (Persero) Angkasa Pura or Unit Pelaksana Teknis (UPT) of Regional Office of Department of Transportation. The data is recapitulation of all monthly activities. While, aircraft registration is collected Directorate of Civil Flight and data of productionof scheduled flight is collected from each of airline companies, then accompanied by data from Directorate General of Air Transportation 


  1. These activities cover three types transportation , namely land transportation, sea transportation and air transportation. Land transport statistics provides statistics on all motor vehicles in Indonesia, excluding military and diplomatic vehicles; length of roads maintained by the central or local governments; and railway transportation for both passenger and freight in Java, Madura, and Sumatra.

  2. Sea transportation statistics only provides data on harbour statistics such as : cargo loading/unloading, number of departure and arrival of passengers, and traffic of ships.

  3. Air transportation statistics covers both scheduled freight and unscheduled flight for domestic and international flight; and airport statistics both for commercial and non commercial airport in Indonesia. 


Land transport statistics based on secondary data from Directorate General for Road Construction, State Police Head Office for Motor Vehicle Statistics, Provincial and Regional Public Works Offices for length of roads statistics, and State Owned Railway Company for railway statistics, state owned River, Lake and Ferry Company for River, Lake and ferry Transport statistics.

Sea transport statistics comes from all Sea port in Indonesia, both commercial and non commercial.

Air transport statistics cover primary data based on survey conducted by CBS and secondary data from the Directorate General for Air transportation.


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