Plantation Area by Province and Crops, Indonesia (000 Ha), 2012-2015*)

Dataset Statistics Indonesia • March 2017 Indonesia

This dataset is part of the BPS Plantation Series.


1. Plantation Company

Plantation company is a company form of business / legal entity engaged in plantation crops are grown on land that is controlled, with the goal of economic / commercial and a license adri authorized agency in the plantation business permits.

The cultivation of crops outside the form of business entity, such as a cultivated individual without a business license or cultivated by peasant households are not included in this concept and is usually called the plantation business people.

2. Production Gardens

Farm production or commonly known as primary production is the production / business results harvested from plantations without any further processing.

Examples of farm production / primary production of: 

    • Primary production of rubber plantations is Latex, Lumb

    • Oil palm plantations are the primary production of fresh fruit bunches

    • Primary production is the cocoa plantations Fruit Wet 

3. Processed Production

In general, the plantation company has its own processing unit so that the products are marketed in the form of processed goods. Processed products is of primary production that has been processed into a form of semi-finished goods or finished goods, so that the higher economic value. 

4. Nucleus

Nucleus is a garden built by plantation companies with a complete processing facility and owned by the plantation companies and be prepared to be implementing the nucleus.  

5. Plasma garden

Plasma gardens are gardens built and developed by the companies (Garden Core), and planted with crops. This smallholding maintained and managed since planting nucleus to produce. Once the plant begins production, acquisition and management is delegated to smallholder farmers (converted). Farmers sell their crops to the nucleus at market prices minus mortgage / installment payments payable to the nucleus in the form of issued capital nucleus to build the smallholding.


Data on estates are collected by the BPS every month on complete basis through a mailing system. Data on coconut, clove, and kapok, as well as on smallholder plantation, are acquired from the Directorate General of Estates.

Planted areas of estates refer to condition at the end of the year, and do not include areas less than 5 hectares.

Production of estates crops are follows: dry rubber (rubber); dry leaves (tea and tobacco); dry beans (cofee and cocoa); dry bark (cassiavera and cinchona); dry fibre (rosella); dry flowers/buds (cloves); refined sugar (sugar cane from estate); cup sugar (sugar cane from smallholders); copra (copra); seeds and buds (nutmeg); and leaf oil (citronella).




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