Analisis Korelasi Faktor yang Mempengaruhi Implementasi Sistem Resi Gudang (SRG) di Daerah

Haryotejo, Bagas
Journal article Jurnal Bina Praja • December 2015


Access to financing sources is very important for the sustainability of the production activities of farmers, the constraints in accessing financing will ultimately impede the production, productivity and management of the marketing of agricultural products. Warehouse Receipt System (SRG) could be an alternative way to overcome the problem, which can be used as collateral, to extend the sale of production of farmers, realizing the physical market and futures markets more competitive, reducing the government's role in the stabilization of commodity prices, and give certainty minimum of commodity collateral. The main objective of this study was to examine therelationship of the factors that affects the implementation of the pilot project, and formulate policy proposals and technical guidance to enhance the effectiveness of SRG implementation. The principle of the analysis method which used is use the standard error of 5% with SPSS software, and to see the correlation factor. Based on the analysis of relationship exists between the factors that affect the implementation of the pilot project are Bank Coordination, where storage and cooperative is not running well, this is due to the absence of the element of trust from the bank as a financial institution. The next factor is the relationship between the Local GovernmentCooperative, where it's been going well, but the relationship with the banks and the managers of the warehouse is in the contrary. Another factor affecting the implementation of the SRG pilot project are production factors and factors Credit Liquidity.




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