Peran Pemerintah Kota Serang dalam Kebijakan Pengembangan Pasar Tradisional

Halik, Abdul
Journal article Jurnal Bina Praja • December 2015 Indonesia


In the traditional market development policy implementation involves many stakeholders. Each of the stakeholders involved have a role or involvement of different. The purpose of this study is to describe, identify, and analyze the role or involvement of stakeholders in the policy development of the traditional market. This study uses method or descriptive qualitative research approach. Contribution of this study is to strengthen the role of stakeholders in the policy development of the traditional markets in Banten Province by strengthening the authority, strengthening policy/regulation, strengthening human resources and strengthening budget. The result of this review is that there are three (3) forms of role or level of involvement of stakeholders in policy development during this traditional market in the city of Serang, namely: (1) AMP Serang engage/act as a receiver of information, (2) Disperindagkop and Bappeda Serang involved/role as decision maker, and (3) UPTD Market, DTK, BLHD, and DPKD Serang involved/take the role of consideration. However, not all stakeholders (recipients and providers of information considerations) are involved in policy development in the traditional market city of Serang. Though this is very necessary stakeholders to provide input or consideration in policy development of traditional markets in accordance with their respective duties.




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