Pemanfaatan Spent Resources dalam Mendukung Kegiatan Eco-economic Decoupling di Provinsi Jawa Tengah

Aulia, Nuril Fikri
Journal article Jurnal Bina Praja • September 2015 Indonesia


Implementation of the development is often cause adverse environmental impacts . Adverse effects are environmental degradation and decreasing avaibility of resources. To overcome this it is necessary that the development can still continue , the environment is not damaged , and the availability of resources is maintained . One effort is through eco - economic decoupling activities with the use of spent resources. The aim of study to determine the potential of spent resources in Central Java , knows the problems in the utilization of spent resources in Central Java , and to determine the impact of the utilization of spent resources in Central Java by a qualitative descriptive method. The results show that in the study have the potential of eco - economic decoupling indicated by the availability of spent resources and had done utilization of spent resources . However, this potential has not been optimally developed, because there are still some problems in its utilization . Problems in the use of spent resources are the lack of knowledge about eco-economic decoupling and spent resources among stakeholder , there is no specific policy on eco - economic decoupling , the lack of Local Government 's role in the utilization of spent resource , and the lack of synergy programs and activities in supporting the utilization of spent resources. Utilization of spent resources have positive impact to reduce pressure on the environment and natural resources, create a new job, and increase incomes for society.




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