Peran Pemerintah Daerah dalam Pemeliharaan Kerukunan Beragama di Provinsi Kepulauan Riau

Ruhana, Akmal Salim
Journal article Jurnal Bina Praja • July 2015 Indonesia


Based on the Join Decree No. 9 and 8 of 2006, local governments have a special duty to maintain religious harmony in their spans of authorities. Factually, some of them have not been care enough on the duty, such as on facilitating FKUB (Forum Kerukunan Umat Beragama)—the special body to maintain religious harmony. This research elaborated the roles of Local Government of Kepulauan Riau (include its local MoRA, Ministry of Religious Affairs) on preserving harmony. The quasi-qualitative which was found data through literature study, observation, and interview, was written by descriptive-analytic method, found some results: The Kepri Local Government and its local MoRA have shown some positive roles. Though geographical difficulties and limited budget have drawbacks, but religious harmony were a reality in its society.




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