Evaluasi Standar Pelayanan Minimal (SPM) Pekerjaan Umum dan Penataan Ruang Kota Samarinda : sebuah Upaya Menuju Perbaikan

Tri Noor Aziza
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • December 2016


Minimum Service Standard (SPM) in public work and spatial planning sectors is a provision on the type and quality of basic services in the fields of public work and spatial planning. The service fields are obligatory mandates that must be delivered to citizens. This resesarch aims to examine the extent of implementation of SPM and its achievement towards national target in those fields. Moreover, it will find out the pitfalls that undermine the local government agencies to fulfill the citizens' right. This research applies descriptive analysis and qualitative approach. The results are that 16 indicators from 10 kinds of basic services in the fields performed by three local government units, namely the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Planning, Department of Highways and the Department of Hygiene. However, only 5 of 16 indicators meet the national targets. This poor achievement is caused by various constraints such as: substance, technical, administration, resources, and social problems.Keywords: minimum service standard, indicators, achievement




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