Manajemen Perbatasan Fokus Inovasi Pendidikan di Perbatasan Kalimantan Utara (Border Management Focus Innovation Education In North Kalimantan Border)

Kemal Hidayah Dan Tri Noor Aziza, Lia Rosliana, Fani Heru W, Wildan Lutfie
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • December 2015 Indonesia


The aims in this study was to analyze the optimization of acceleration of the settlement of issues of border management education innovation in North Borneo, and education model that can be applied at the borders between countries. Type of research is descriptive qualitative, data collection by in-depth interview, observation and documentary research. Data mining done purposively through the mechanism of indepth interviews with snowball sampling. The conclusion from this study is that there are three innovations in northern borneo border, namely : sekolah tapal batas, The Filial Svhool and undergraduate teaching. Rekomendations innovation model that can be applied at the border include the scope of innovation of teaghers, students and civil society, innovation scope of the facilities, and the scope curriculum innovation.Keywords : Border Management, Innovation Education, Innovation Model




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