Penataan Kelembagaan pada Daerah Otonom Baru (Dob) (Studi Kasus di Provinsi Kalimantan Utara) (Institutional Arrangement In New Autonomous Region (Case Study In The North Kalimantan Province))

Dan Rustan A., Fani Heru Wismono, Lany Erinda Ramdhani
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • December 2015 Indonesia


The possibility of the formation of “New Autonomous Region” (DOB) is still wide open, however the data shows that most of the DOB has poor performance. North Kalimantan Province is one of the DOB as the 34th province in Indonesia. Arrangement of Institutional structure became the most important stages before DOB can work in this transitional period. This papergives an overview stages the formation of the institutional structure in a transitional period, from East Kalimantan Province to the North Kalimantan Province, and also transitions, changes inlaws and regulations of Law No.32/2004 into Law No.23/2014 on Local Government. This study used a qualitative method with descriptive analysis approach. This paper concluded that the establishment of Institutional, in accordance with the potential and characteristics of the region can respond to the changing demands of internal and external organization of local government. Therefore, proper institutional arrangement will optimize the performance of the newly formed DOB.Keywords: New Aut onomous Regi on ( DOB) , Local Government , North Kalimantan Province




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