Evaluasi Uraian Tugas Satuan Kerja Perangkat Daerah (Skpd) Kabupaten Penajam Paser Utara (Evaluation Of Job Descriptions Of Organization Units Of Ppu Regency)

Permata Sari, Maria Agustini
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • April 2015


Based Road Map Reforms PPU district is known that need to reform the institutional area, because there are many problems related job descriptions. This study aims to identify the problems related to the job description of each unit of work in environmental sectors in the PPU and the District Government to formulate the steps that must be done within the framework of the arrangement of job descriptions SKPDs oriented productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. This study uses a qualitative method with descriptive approach. The results of this study concluded that there are problems related to the job description of the problem must be addressed, among others, internal job descriptions overlapping SKPDs, overlapping job descriptions in SKPD, mismatches nomenclature unit with a job description, a task that can not be run by SKPD, and the task has not been stated job descriptions SKPDs




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