Dampak Kebijakan Bea Keluar Cpo Terhadap Industri Cpo Dan Turunannya (Impact of Cpo Export Tax Policy on Cpo Industries and Derivative

Erizal Mahatama, Leo Mualdy C S Dan Umar Fakhrudin, Aziza R Salam, Bagas Haryotejo
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • August 2014


Imposition of export duty policy for CPO and its derivative products is animportant policy Imposition of export duty policy for CPO and its derivativeproducts is an important policy of promoting the growth of national industry. This policy will affect the upstream and downstream sides. This study examines the impact of the policy impositionof export duty CPO products and derivatives which can provide a more positive welfare impact, than has been achieved so far, furthermore determined the appropriate policies to be applied to compensate the aggrieved stakeholders, to determine the distribution of surplus between producers and consumers. The applied method is the analysis of the economic impact, wich is cost and benefit using a simulation. Based on simulation results, manufacturers have lost the opportunity to obtain a windfall gain, while the government gained revenue from export duties due to reduced smuggling. In order to award compensation to the manufacturer, the facility / amenity that is returned including the improvement of transport infrastructure (roads andports), research and development (R & D), promotion and advocacy abroad, human resource development, especially farmers through training, meeting the needs of farmers (seeds, fertilizers and land titling) in order to revitalize oil palm plantations, and facilities / other relevant ease.Keywords : impact policy, export tax, CPO




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