Evaluasi Kinerja Kebijakan “Pro-growth, Pro-poor, And Pro-human Development” di Provinsi Kalimantan Timur

Rustan A.
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2012 Indonesia


Development and public policy are two things that can not be separated. Among various choices of public policy instruments, local governments have to cope with difficult tasks in order to bring equitable regional development and prosperity to society. This paper aims to evaluate the performance of local governments in East Kalimantan Province through the variables of economic growth, poverty alleviation and unemployment, and the quality of human resources. Governments' capacity to manage these indicators indicates the achievement in regional development. By using rank analysis, it can be seen the strength and the weaknesses each regency/ city in order to accelerating socio- economic development in East Kalimantan. The analysis showed that on average, the regions that have superior performance in pro-growth, pro- poor, and pro-human development policy are Balikpapan City and Paser Regency; while Tana Tidung Regency gets the lowest rank and need to accelerate the social-economic development in its region rapidly. However, in each development indicators that are used in this article also showed that there are city/ regency that experience the highest rank and the lowest rank. Thus, the findings demonstrate that particular city/ regency in east Kalimantan Province has better-quality in specific development policy, and it can be replicated to other regions (specifically for least development region) Keywords: Development Policy, Economic Growth, Poverty and Unemployment Rate, HDI.




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