Integrasi Sistem Perencanaan, Penganggaran dan Manajemen Kinerja: sebuah Best Practice di Bank Indonesia

Mariman Darto
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2011 Indonesia


Since 1999, efforts to change to the application of performance management systems are integrated with planning and budgeting systems in Bank Indonesia continues to be done. This effort is taken to maintain the continuity and sustainability of the achievement of organizational goals and the achievement of optimal high-performance organization. Systems Planning, Budget and Performance Management (SPAMK) based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) initially encountered many obstacles. Generally, the constraints are not on the technical aspects, but rather on non-technical aspects such as culture and behavior. The key to successful integration of planning and budgeting systems with performance management at Bank Indonesia lies in the changing work culture and mindset. Nevertheless, changes in work processes through integration with information technology (information technology) are also important. By using a search technique a variety of documents / literature (documentary research) and through several stages of workshops held both in the Bank Indonesia and the LAN as well as in other institutions, this study managed to dig up important information related to the possible application in government institution. The main purpose of this paper is to find out how the integration of planning, budgeting and performance management at Bank Indonesia. In addition, to find out how the impact caused by the application of these SPAMK and possible application in the government environment.Keywords: Strategic Planning, Budgeting, Performance Management, Balanced Scorecard, Key Performance Indicators




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