Akuntabilitas Eksistensi Organisasi Non Pemerintah dalam Perspektif Governance (Studi terhadap Yayasan Lembaga Pembinaan Masyarakat Desa Lampung)

Soesilo Zauhar, Dan M.R. Khairul Muluk, Dedy Hermawan, Sumartono
Journal article Jurnal Borneo Administrator • 2011 Indonesia


Research aims to detect and understanding accountability of organization existence YLPMD Lampung with governance paradigm. This research use qualitative method with grounded research approaches with reason is to build theory that start from data. The research finding shows that YLPMD Lampung to carry out accountability organization existence passes some mechanisms, they are: 1). Clarifying guiding philosophy, vision and mission, and goal; 2). Improving certainty and law status clarity; 3). Actuating organization chart based on program; 4). Improving democratic leadership pattern; and 5). Strenghening decision making mechanism and responsibility. The result of this study also provides information that through the implementation of mechanism have been closer NGOs YLPMD Lampung on values such as trust, responsiveness, healthy organization climate, legality and public legitimacy, clarity direction of the organization, rules and laws, and the acceptance of stakeholders and the public. As the research findings, this study proposed a proposition that when the NGO implementing the mechanism of accountability through clarifying guiding organizational philosophy, vision, mission and goals with the foundation of the real problems of society; legal status, structure, functions, and relations between structure–based focus of the work; strong leadership the ideology of civil society, networks, and togetherness; and decision-making mechanisms, and accountabilit. The NGOs can make use accountability values such as trust, responsiveness, healthy organizational climate, legality and public legitimacy, clarity direction of the organization, rules and laws, and stakeholders and public acceptance”.




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