Analisis Efisiensi Perusahaan Tekstil Go Publik dengan Menggunakan Metode: Data Envelopment Analysis/dea Tahun 2004 - 2008

Astrid Maria Ester • Siskha Merlin
Journal article Media Ekonomi Universitas Trisakti • August 2010 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 7 pages)


This research aims is to find out the efficiency level in Go Public Textile Company in Indonesia. This research is conducted through library research. The method of this analysis is called DEA (Data Envelopment Analysis). The data used in the research is the secondary data which sources taken from Indonesia Stock Exchange in 2004 up to 2008. The variables used in this research consist of four input variables and two output variables. Input variable includes total assets, inventory, employees, and obligations, while output variables includes net sales and cost of good sold (COGS). The result of efficiency level examination to seven textile companies from 2004 up to 2008 shows that only two companies maintain consistently 100% of the efficiency level during a year research. Three companies show that their efficiency levels were having the increasing and decreasing period each year. Two last textile companies are claimed having an awful progress, since they never reach 100% efficiency during a year research. The most dominant input which influences the inefficiency on textile companies is the inventory.




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