Pengaruh Zis (Zakat, Infak, Sedekah) dan Zakat Fitrah terhadap Penurunan Kemiskinan di Indonesia Periode 1998 - 2010

Jumadin Lapopo
Journal article Media Ekonomi Universitas Trisakti • September 2016 Indonesia


Poverty is being a problem in all developing countries including Indonesia. Among goverment programs, poverty has become the center offattention in policy at both of the regional and national levels. Looking at thephenomenon of poverty, Islam present with solution to reduce poverty through Zakat. This study aims to analyze the effect of ZIS and Zakat Fitrah against poverty in Indonesia in 1998 until 2010, data used in this study is secondary data and uses time series data, for the dependent variabel is poverty and for independent variables are ZIS and Zakat Fitrah. The analysis tools used in this study is to use multiple regression analysis model and the assumptions of classical test using the software Eviews-4. In this study also concluded that the ZIS variables significantly affect to the reduction of poverty in Indonesia although the effect is very small. In the variable Zakat Fitrah not significantly affect poverty reduction in Indonesia because of the nature of Zakat Fitrah is for consumption and not for long-term needs. The results of this study can be used for the management of zakat to be able to develop the management and to get a better system for distribution of zakat so that the main purpose of zakat can be achieved to reduce poverty.




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