Kesejahteraan Komunitas di Desa Adaut, Kecamatan Selaru, Provinsi Maluku

Suyanto Suyanto • Bambang Pudjianto
Journal article Sosio Informa • 2014 Indonesia


Adaut village inWest Southeast Maluku district as a location for research is one of the underdeveloped areas. The purpose of this study is to identify and map out the problems, the needs of the Community and the resources and potential of the research sites. Targets include research Community residents, Community leaders, Government Agencies and Social Institutions. Observations made of the potential sources of social welfare and on-site research and activities of daily life that made citizens. Poverty is a major problem and cause a variety of other social welfare issues in the village Adaut. The causes of poverty are low levels of education, healt, limited employment and conditions of isolation. To break the chain of poverty in the long -term perspective, the investment in health and education and transportation are very important for achieving social welfare.




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