Penggunaan Media Lagu Sebagai Upaya Meningkatkan Motivasi Dan Kemampuan Menulis Cerpen

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: This Research Aims To Improve The Motivation And Ability To Write Short Stories Using Song Media . This Research Is A Classroom Action Research Which Is Conducted In Two Cycles. Each Cycle Consisting Of Action Planning, Action, Observation And Interpretation, As Well As Analysis And Reflection. The Source Of Data Is A Learning Event, Informant, And Document. The Data Collection Techniques Used Observation, Interview, Test, And Document Analysis. The Validity Of The Data Using Triangulation Of Data And Triangulation Methods. The Results Showed That The Use Of Media Tracks Can Increase Motivation And Ability Of Students To Write Short Stories From The First Cycle To The Second Cycle. This Was Demonstrated By An Increase In: (1) The Motivation Of StudentsFrom Cycle To Cycle Experienced A Significant Increase, (2) The Average Value Of Short Story Writing Student, From 65.9 To 76.2 In The First Cycle And Second Cycle.




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