Profil USAha Perikanan Pancing Funae di Kelurahan Bunaken Kota Manado Provinsi Sulawesi Utara

Christian Karimba • Christian R. Dien • Otniel Pontoh
Journal article Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan • April 2014 Indonesia


Funae fishery using fishing technology modified from skipjack pole-line fishery. However, the target of fishing remains similar i.e. Skipjack Tuna. The modification purpose is to reduce cost according to the financial capital owned by the local small-scale fisherman. How far this modification was done by the fisherman is the question which needs answer through this study. The study performed at Bunaken fishing base aimed at to learn and describe profile of funae fishery in term of boat performance, fishing gear, fishing operation process, income share system and financial analysis. Study performed based on survey method was primary data collected using interview with boat owners and his crews. While secondary data gathered from related institutions. The result of study indicated that the funae fishery is typical of small-scale fishery in term of smaller boat performance compared those of pole-line fishery, small size of gear, daily operation process mixed income share system and financially profitable fishery.




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