Prevalensi Malaria Klinis Dan Positif Plasmodium Spp. Berdasarkan Mass Blood Survey Di Kabupaten Maluku Tenggara Barat

Budi Santoso
Journal article Aspirator Journal of Vector-Borne Diseases • June 2010 Indonesia


. In West South East Maluku district, malaria diagnosis was determined mostly based on sufferer clinical symptom. Diagnose malaria by clinical symptom have much weak­nesses compared to laboratory result, because a lot of other infection disease which has sim­ilar symptom to malaria. This fact is the reason of this research done, that amount of posi­tive malaria based on clinical symptom will differ from the circumstance in fact. The aim of this research was to know prevalence of clinical malaria and positive malaria Plasmodium spp among the people who came to examination site. Research has been done by check parasite Plasmodium spp. at the patient blood sample either who has fever symp­tom or no symptom at 10 villages in West South East Maluku district. The research was re­sulted that prevalence offever clinical symptom is 275.722 persons per 1,000 peoples; prev­alence of positive Plasmodium spp. is 273.005 persons per 1,000 peoples. This result was showing that rate malaria prevalence is high and named high incidenee area or high case incidence.




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