Kajian USAha Budidaya Rumput Laut di Desa Ilodulunga Kecamatan Anggrek Kabupaten Gorontalo Utara

Marlin Rauf • Christian R. Dien • Djuwita R. R. Aling
Journal article Akulturasi - Jurnal Ilmiah Agrobisnis Perikanan • April 2016 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 149 pages)


This study aims to determine the social conditions of farmers seaweed, and to know the production system and financial analysis of seaweed farming in the village Ilodulunga. The education level ever taken by the farmers seaweed. Village Ilodulunga amounted to 78.26% of primary school graduates, SMK graduates much as 4.35%, and amounted to 17.39% of high school graduates. The productive age seaweed farmers in the village Ilodulunga ie from the age of 20-70 years. Having work experience of over 10 years, have a high motivation to work and about 50% have had a permanent home, and 50% is semi-permanent. Seaweed farming production system that takes into account facilities and cultivation techniques that include aquaculture site selection, installation of floating rope, planting, maintenance of seaweed seedlings, harvesting and post-harvest and marketing. Seaweed farming in the village Ilodulunga eligible to run because it has operating profit or absolute advantage Rp. 145.264 million, net profit of Rp. 129 360 833, the profit rate (rate of profit) amounted to 422%, 223% Profitability, BCR sale of BEP 5.2 Rp. 17,516,429, 1,751 kg BEP unit, and the repayment period is 0,447 years (5 months, 10 days, 19 hours).




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