Identifikasi Sumber Daya Genetik Kedelai Tahan Penyakit Virus Kerdil Kedelai

Nfn Asadi • Nurwita Dewi
Journal article Buletin Plasma Nutfah • December 2010 Indonesia


Identification of Soybean Germplasm Resistant to Soybean Stunt Virus (SSV). The experiment was conducted at screen cage and laboratory of the Indonesian Center for Agricultural Biotechnology and Genetic Resources Research and Development (ICABIOGRAD), Bogor. The objective was to obtain genotypes (accessions) which were resistant to SSV. The experiment consisted of two activities (1) virulent test of SSV isolates, (2) evaluation and identification of soybean germplasm for resistance to Soybean stunt virus. Evaluation and identification consisted of three steps. Step I, 900 soybean accessions were evaluated for their resistance to SSV. In this trial, each accession or genotype was planted in a pot, 8-14 plants/pot. One week after planting, each plant was inoculated with selected SSV isolate. The disease incidence was observed visually one month after inoculation. In step II, the soybean genotypes considered resistant in step I or about 10% of the total accessions were reevaluated using the Dot-ELISA technique. Finally, in the last step, the resistances of the selected genotypes from step II were reconfirmed using the same technique as that in the step I. The result showed that among two SSV isolates that were tested, isolate J (Jakarta) was more virulent than isolate B, and it is used as inocula source for the next evaluation. Seventeen soybean genotypes were identified resistant to SSV, three of the them showed good agronomic performances, i.e., Mlg 2521, B3570, and Taichung will be used as resistant parents in the subsequent soybean breeding for resistance to SSV.




Buletin Plasma Nutfah

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