Kajian Terhadap Potensi Anak Jalanan Dan Masyarakat Pedongkelan Pulogadung Jakarta Timur Dalam Rangka Peningkatan Mutu Kehidupan Dan Kesadaran Hukum Masyarakat (Suatu Penelitian Pemberdayaan)

Endang Purwaningsih
Journal article ADIL: Jurnal Hukum • 2013 Indonesia


Street children and community members of Pedongkelan—Pulogadung—have been showing poor moral, social, and legal awareness in their daily lives. It therefore requires in-depth study and sustainable follow-up measures in a bid to alleviate poverty, empower the street children's potentials, and tackle all sorts of other related problems, which originate in their poor economic capacity referring to their low sense of achievement, poor skills, and poor knowledge. The underlying issues on this matter lie in how to formulate strategies to address community empowerment in a bid to improve quality life of the street children and other community members where they live in Pedongkelan and how to orchestrate the roles of the academic people and the respective bureaucrats to join forces with their respective constituents. This research uses a normative method, with sociological approach, to endorse the proposed PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) implementation. The findings suggest (1) that the most appropriate empowerment programs for the street children and other community members in Pedongkelan are through the implementation of science and technology programs, the implementation of character building programs, the implementation of potential economic building programs on the religious basis, the implementation of economic stability programs, and the promotion of legal awareness programs. In doing so, it is important to make opportunities available, conduct serious and sustainable sectorial programs, design specific programs to curb the number of street children, poor people, and thugs or criminals, implement integrated and gradual programs, have psychosocial approach for target groups, and improve the target group's productive skills and their skills in giving added value to their products. All of these should be supported by (2) the government's role, academic people, and related institutions. Above all, coordination among and participation of these related parties are of the utmost importance.




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