Peningkatan Motivasi Dan Kemampuan Menulis Puisi Melalui Penerapan Metode Menulis Berantai Pada Siswa Sekolah Menengah Atas

Tri Wulandari • Amir Fuady • Sumarwati Sumarwati


: This study is a classroom action research. This research aims to improve the motivation and poem writing competency of senior high school students by. The study was conducted in three cycles. The data source included event, informant, and document. Techniques of collecting data used were observation, interview, and document analysis. The data validity test was done using method and source triangulation techniques. Data analysis was done using descriptive comparative statistic and critical analyses. The conclusion of research was that the application of sequenced writing method improved the motivation and poem writing competency. The improvement could be carried out with the following learning procedure: (1) the class was divided into some groups, each of which consisted of 4-5 students; (2) each group determined the theme to be written into poem; (3) each student was asked to continue the poem by means of writing on the second line. In the end of each line, the student wrote his/her name. it was intended to recognize those who had incoherent or incompatible line with the previous one; (5) the poem product was edited in group, and then the discordant sentenced were marked and corrected; (6) each group read their poem; and (7) other groups responded to the poem read.




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