Penerapan Pembelajaran Kooperatif Tipe Learning Together Untuk Meningkatkan Keterampilan Menulis Puisi Pada Siswa Sekolah Dasar

Yenik Mujiantini • Budhi Setiawan • Sri Hastuti


: The research is aims to improve: (1) the quality of the learning process of writing poetry; and (2) the result of poetry writing ability by applying cooperative method learning together type in the fifth grade students in SD Negeri Mranggen 03 Sukoharjo.This research is Classroom Action Research (CAR) which is implemented in two cycles. Each cycle consists of four stages: (1) planning, (2) the implementation phase, (3) the stage of observation and interpretation, and (4) stage of analysis and reflection. Percentage of student activity during apperception in the cycle I was at 57,69%, whereas in the second cycle to be 88,46%. Percentage of student interest and motivation while attending learning activities in the cycle I was increased by 61,53 % to be 80,76% in cycle II. Percentage of student activeness and attention is 57,69% to be 92,30% in cycle II. Increased student ability to write poetry can also be seen from the increasing number of students who can write poetry or a student who reaches the score ≥ 65 in each cycle. In the initial survey, the percentage of students who can reach the passing score is 46,15%. On the cycle I was 65,38% and in the second cycle was 88,46%..




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