Phylosophical and Constitusional Protection Towards Religion in Indonesia

Rossa Ilma Silfiah • Thohir Luth • Bambang Sugiri • Nurini Aprilianda
Journal article Brawijaya Law Journal • 2016 Indonesia


Legal protection on religion is certainty for a state with Pancasila principle. The first principle the Divinity of the Only God has been spirit of the following points, as living guidance for Indonesian country. The believing of the Divinity of the Only God shows that the Indonesian Republic is religious based country by protecting freedom to have religion for its people. This regulation has implication in governmental circle, that the country makes Religion Ministry as one of ministries that its existence has the same position to other state institutions. The implementation of legal protection toward religion needs legitimating in the field of civil law, showed in issuing President Decree No. 1 of 1965 on the Preventing of Misuse and/or Religion Staining. The existence of this Decree in Old Order has been legitimated newly as a Law by issuing the Law No. 5 of 1969, thus the President Decree has been added to the Criminal Code, Act 156a.




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