Hukum Sebagai Norma Sosial Memiliki Sifat Mewajibkan

Christiani Widowati
Journal article ADIL: Jurnal Hukum • 2013


Naturally, human beings are social creatures; they are unable to live alone and therefore need to socialize to fulfill their needs and meet their interest. The presence of law as social norm serves as a regulating tool in social life. Law is a legal reference of how social members should behave to establish social justice and—ultimately—to sustain social life. Principally, law gains its effectiveness when it is accepted by the society. Such acceptance may refer to either external or internal acceptance. External acceptance merely emphasizes on the formal aspects, meaning that the law and its compulsory power to give sanctions are inseparable. In this perspective, law is perceived to be compulsory. Internal acceptance, on the other hand, emphasizes more on substantial aspects, which are indeed projected to uphold social justice. Such acceptance is obligatory in nature. This kind of acceptance which is self-internalized and self-evaluated by each community member is the ideal form of acceptance.




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