Peningkatan Kemampuan Menulis Narasi Dengan Teknik Parafrase Wacana Dialog: Penelitian Tindakan Kelas Pada Siswa Sekolah Dasar

Ika Ratnasari • Sumarwati Sumarwati • Sarwiji Suwandi


: This study aims to increase student activity and 2) the ability to write narrative graders in the elementary school teaching of writing narrative discourse with the application of techniques paraphrase dialogue. Research is a form of class action. The subjects were fifth grade students of elementary schools in Klaten. The data sources used are: places and events, informants, and documents. Data collected by observation (observation), interview, test / giving writing assignments, and document analysis. Research procedure includes stages: problem identification, problem analysis, action planning, implementation action, observation, and preparation of reports. Implementation research starts from the initial survey, the first cycle, the second cycle, up to the third cycle. Each cycle consists of four stages, namely: (1) the action planning; (2) implementation of the action; (3) observing the action; and (4) analysis and reflection. Based on the research results prove that the application of techniques paraphrase dialogue discourse can improve students 'activity during the learning process and at the same time is able to improve students' writing narrative. Application of the techniques paraphrase dialogue discourse that can improve students' writing narrative is through the following procedures: (1) teachers play recording dialog discourse with themes specific subjects already stated in textbooks; (2) students were asked to listen to a recording of the dialogue discourse carefully; (3) the teacher to explain to students by rewriting some of the conversations on the tape that was played earlier dialogue discourse on the board; (4) The teacher gives examples of how to change the language of conversation or dialogue into its own language and write it in the form of a narrative essay intact; (5) students are asked to make the outline of a recording dialog discourse that has been played; (6) Students are required to develop each of the points in the outline so that a narrative essay intact by changing the language of dialogue into their own language teacher as exemplified earlier.




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