Penerapan Model Pembelajaran Kuantum Tipe Tandur Untuk Meningkatkan Motivasi Dan Kemampuan Menulis

Fondaline Sri Hartono


: This research aims to improve motivation and writing skill through the application of quantum learning type TANDUR. This research is research that is implemented in the class action two cycles with each cycle comprising planning actions, implementation measures, observation and interpretation;and analysis and reflection. The data source is in the form of events the learning process, the informant, and documents. Data collection techniques use observation, in-depth interviews, tests, and analysis of documents. The validity of the data use the triangulation of data and triangulation of methods. Data analysis uses comparative descriptive techniques. The results show that the application of quantum learning model type TANDUR can increase motivation and writing skills of students from cycle I to cycle II. It is proven by the increase of: 1) the motivation of the students from cycle to cycle ; 2) students mean point from 68,93 in the pre-action stage to 70,25 on the first cycle and 76,4375 on the second cycle.




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