Kebijakan Ramah PKL Di Perkotaan: Belajar Dari Kota Solo

Hetifah Sj-Sumarto
Journal article Jurnal Analisis Sosial • May 2009 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 11 pages)


Almost every city in Indonesia at the moment is facing a big challenge in arranging pro-underprivileged people policy. one of the urban issues required to be managed in overcoming urban poverty is the issue of street vendors (PKL/Pedagang Kaki Lima). many cities have failed or have not been able to nd ways to manage PKL humanly and effectively. A different approach is needed to produce a similar policy, namely an integrated and participative policy. the city of Solo shows that a successful PKL management program demands the following policy elements: concept and vision clarity; accurate data basis and information; an institution functioned as a leading agency; regulations with assurance of law; and a strong PKL community association. PKL management in Surakarta demonstrates that a participative regime will result in a greater opportunity to marginal groups, such as PKL groups, to enjoy and obtain an access in a city administration.




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