Klausula Tipping Fee Dalam Kontrak Kerjasama Pemerintah Dengan Swasta (Public-private Partnership) Pengelolaan Persampahan

Faizal Kurniawan • Shintarini Kristine Setyobudi
Journal article ADIL: Jurnal Hukum • 2013


Government is obligated to provide sound public services, including waste management service. Up to now, private companies are still needed to assure innovative, efficient, and environmentally-oriented waste management service. The involvement of private sector in this Public-Private Partnership to provide such public service should be put in a legal contract, which is distinctive in nature and which is commonly known as a non-provisional government contract. The model of such contracts varies depending on the catered sector.This paper discusses the principles of non-provisional contracts which serve as a legal umbrella for Public-Private Partnership, focusing particularly on the main clauses related to „tipping fee‟ or „gate fee‟ in waste management partnership. These clauses set rules of fees paid by the government to investors for the service given.




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