Peluang Terjadinya Immunoglobulin M Berdasarkan Analisis Binary Logistic Faktor Penularan Virus Dengue

Lukman Hakim • Damar Tri Boewono
Journal article Aspirator Journal of Vector-Borne Diseases • June 2011


. Morbidity of dengue hemorrhagic fever is still high due to factors of transmission has not completely known yet, so that disease control be conducted based on the cas es. This study aimed to obtain information about factors related to the status of IgM anti-dengue vi­rus. Studies have been conducted in village Klayan district Gunungjati regency Cirebon us­ing cross sectional design. Variable study is 10 independent variables consist of 5 environ­ment variables and 5 host variables, whereas dependent variable is status of IgM anti­dengue virus. The resulting data were analyzed using bivariate and multivariate analyse to determine relationship between independent with dependent variable. Of the 400 respond­ents surveyed, 56% are known to live in crowded homes, 85% at home with the lighting is not optimal, 41.5% in home with positive not covered water container, 96% at home with optimum air temperature, 62% in homes with optimal air humidity, and 23.5% at home with a positive mosquito Aedes spp larvae. Respondents with outside the home activities in low categories are 51.5%, nutritional status is not normal are 34%, age group <5 years are 10.5%, ever get DHF are 16%, and positive IgM anti-dengue virus are 17.5 %. Bivariate analysis showed three independent variables are significantly associated with the dependent variable, whereas the multivariate analysis was resulted two variables are significantly as­sociated with the dependent variable. It was concluded, the variables which significantly as­sociated with status of IgM anti-dengue virus are outside the home occupants activities, nu­tritional status and age groups. The estimating of chances of anti-dengue virus IgM can be calculated based on the activities outside the home occupants and nutritional status varia­ble.




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