Characterization of Ethanol Extract From Katumpangan Air Herbs (Peperomia Pellucida L. Kunth

Marissa Angelina • Puteri Amelia • Muchammad Irsyad • Lia Meilawati • Muhammad Hanafi
Journal article Biopropal Industri • 2015 Indonesia


Peperomia pellucida L. Kunth known as “Katumpangan Air” is a potential medicinal plants used traditionally for uric acid, rheumatic, headache, stomachache, antimicrobial. This study aims to establish the non-specific and specific parameters of ethanol extract from Katumpangan air (EKA). EKA was collected from three different growth places: South Tangerang (6.833%), Bogor (7.8%) and Yogyakarta (13.125%). The results show that organoleptic extract characterization from three places were same: thick, blackish green brown, bitter and have a characteristic odor. The average content of water-soluble compounds was within range 7.39-13.29%, ethanol-soluble 15.33-16.68%, flavonoid total 3.807-4.244%. The range of moisture content was 12.25-16.34%, ash total 1.21-2.78%, acid insoluble ash 0.19-1.62%, drying shrinkage 21.62-24.98%, specific gravity 1.0010-1.0034 g/mL for the non-specific parameter. Microbial contamination testing results 0.61x103-1.13x103 coloni/g, the contaminant testing mold/yeast 0.1x102-1.7x102 coloni/g, while lead metal 0.15-0.18 mg/kg, cadmium 0-0.11 mg/kg and arsenic <0.005µg/kg.




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