Efektifitas Sistem Informasi Berbasis Online Dalam Pengurusan Vaksin Calon Keberangkatan Jemaah Umrah Di Kantor Kelas II Pekanbaru

Bayu Febriadi
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016


Along with the development of technology so fast, computer-based information systems are very influential rapidly in the world of work, as well as web-based information system used as a means of improving information. This utilization will simplify the job as well as faster data processing, decision to be taken more precisely, saving time and costs. In addition, web-based information system also can be an efficient means of promotion and resources that can be accessed by Internet users are becoming increasingly widespread. At the office of the Port Health Pekanbaru always faced with constraints queue or longer in the administration of the vaccine departures candidate Jemaah umrah, because the maintenance of the vaccine in the office of the Port Health pekanbaru the absence of a computerized system, so it slows down the performance of the office of Port Health pekanbaru, as well as for prospective Jemaah Umrah not always satisfied in the service of a vaccine for the departure of Umrah pilgrims candidate from too long in processing the results of the analysis of vaccine candidates Jemaah departure umrah. The method used to collect data and analyze the problems that exist in the administration of the vaccine by developing a web-based system. The general objective of this study gives an efficiency or an increase in data processing, web-based so that assist the office of the Port Health Pekanbaru, the specific objectives which prospective Umrah pilgrims could see the vaccine schedule her and could see the announcement of a faster and accurately without having to come to the office of Health port of Pekanbaru, simply by accessing the internet and access websites port Health Office Pekanbaru is easy, does not require a long time




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