Bionomik Nyamuk Anopheles Spp Di Desa Sumare Dan Desa Tapandullu Kecamatan Simboro Kabupaten Mamuju Provinsi Sulawesi Barat Tahun 2011

Andri Dwi Hernawan • Syarifuddin Hamal
Journal article Aspirator Journal of Vector-Borne Diseases • December 2011 Indonesia


. Tapandullu and Sumare Villages are area of malaria high endemic in Mamuju dis tric ts, West Sulawesi province, located in coastal areas. Anopheles mosquitoes in the two regions are largely unknown, neither species, bionomic density. To find out the fauna and bionomic and dominant Anopheles mosquito, has been conducted a spot survey entomology. Surveys conducted for three consecutive days with the capture of mosquitoes at night and did a long time outside the home, including around the cattle pen. Catching method is to bait people and catching mosquitoes resto Mosquitoes captured, identified the species, calculated density and ovarian surgery performed to calculate the parity rate. From the survey, concluded that chance as a mosquito vector of malaria in both regions are species of Anopheles subpictus.




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