Inhibisi Korosi Oleh Hidroksilamin Netral Sulfat Termodifikasi Terhadap Baja Karbon - (the Corrosion Inhibition by Modified Hydroxylamine Neutral Sulfate on Carbon Steel)

Afrizal Vachlepi • Didin Suwardin
Journal article Biopropal Industri • 2016


Production of natural rubber SIR 20CV requires Hydroxylamine Neutral Sulfate (HNS) as stabilizing agent which serves to stabilize viscosity of natural rubber. Several methods of HNS applications among others are spraying, soaking and mixing into the latex. The HNS use may cause corrosion of processing equipments. The aims of this research were to explore the charateristics of modified HNS as stabilizing agents to reduce the corrosion attack on carbon steel. Treatments were consisted of pure HNS and modified HNS. The method was weight loss method with planned interval test. Removal of corrosion products on metal specimen was done by chemical cleaning method based on ASTM G1-90. The results showed that weight loss percentage and corrosion rate of carbon steel by modified HNS were lower than pure HNS. Corrosion resistance criteria of carbon steel by modified HNS was classified as outstanding. Inhibition efficiency of corrosion by modified HNS reached around 98-99%.




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