Keberadaan Kontainer Sebagai Faktor Risiko Penularan Demam Berdarah Dengue Di Kota Palu, Sulawesi Tengah

Junus Widjaja
Journal article Aspirator Journal of Vector-Borne Diseases • December 2011 Indonesia


. During the period of three years (2003-2005) the number of dengue cases in Palu continues to increase, the number of cases in 2003 with 173 people with death ot 10 people (CFR 5.78%), in 2004 the number ofcasesfound among 210 people died (CFR 4.32%) and 2005 the number of cases found 627 people with 12 deaths (CFR2.21%). Objectives know the type, material and location conteiner as risk factors for the occurence of dengue in the city of Palu. The presence ofmosquito breeding sites by speceis kontainer buckets(OR=3.6 p=O.OO) andjars (OR=5.2 p=0.03), plastic materials (OR=1.7 p=O.Ol), state conteiner not closed (OR =0. 04 p=1.2 and location conteiner in the house (OR=1.3 p= 0.01) were risk factors associated with the incidence of dengue in the city of Palu. Need extension 3 M, an increase in the real role of DHF and soon form ed a working group JUMANTIK in Palu.




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