Aplikasi Dongeng Berbasis Text to Speech Untuk Platform Android

Uswatun Hasanah • Jaroji Jaroji
Journal article Digital Zone • 2016 Indonesia


Kids like hearing fable because it gives a chance for them to imagine by drawing an event into imagination. Since many kids like fable, there are many chances to create an application of fable that used text to speech. So from that, fable application text to speech is done to convert fable text into a voice as media of replacement from reading fable. The interest of kids is considered to emerge with this application in order to help parents easily in telling a fable to their kids. Parents are not necessary to tell the story by their voice. This application is planned by using java program and editor eclipse. The data used is fable text and Google text to speech to produce voice. The final result is an android application, and after being tested. The test result shown that Text to Speech application was be able to read a fable. The tested of application system is only can be used in android version 4.0.3 with online use. The android version Lollipop (5.1.1) to produce a voice output Indonesian offline. In term of display application, this application is not flexible so that only looks good on certain device.




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